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It holds all the extra controls from the current IGridFilter s which have not set its UseCustomPlacement property to true.

It also contains most of the filter building logic of this component. Now we come to the core class of the library.

The most important properties are:. This property has to be used to set the initial DataView. The grid is not limited to that one. If the DataView is, for example, part of a complex DataSet , it is possible like in the normal DataGrid to navigate through its relations.

The only limitation as mentioned above is that an appropriate DataGridTableStyle must exist. With this property, the underlying grid can be accessed.

With this, all the properties of the normal DataGrid can be altered. This is not possible with the designer here, you will have to use the extended grid itself.

The extra property AutoCreateTableStyles can also be set here if you are too lazy to define your own. If you want, you can specify your own implementation of the IGridFilterFactory with this property.

This property will adjust the position of the grid depending on where the filters are displayed. This will not work if the grid is docked in any way anchors are fine.

For every new filterable grid you want to create, this should do the job without having to handle several components. The solution is logically a Visual Studio solution while the DataGrid solution is still It has most of the functionality of the original component.

The missing parts and known issues are:. Articles Quick Answers Messages. DataGrid with built-in filter functionality.

Robert Rohde , 20 Nov Please Sign up or sign in to vote. A reusable component which extends the DataGrid and adds functionality for real time filtering.

Background Before reading this article, you should know the basics of working with the DataGrid. Using the code There are three ways of using this component: The FilterableDataGrid control can be used like any other control.

It supports design time configuration. In order to display data, first set the DataSource property. Note that this property unlike the one in the original DataGrid takes only a DataView.

Normally, the DataGrid provides default visualization, but in this case a real table style is needed. To make the use of this control easier, I have provided the DataGrid with some extra functionality to create the needed table styles and column styles as and when needed.

The minimum code to get the control to work is: If you already have a DataGrid with all the properties set and events bound, the exchange might get difficult.

In such cases, there is another possibility to add the filtering capabilities. You will see an immediate change in the designer which will show you some dummy filter boxes.

You probably have to reposition the grid a bit so that the added control fits onto the form. If you still want the benefit of automated creation of table styles you also have the option of exchanging your DataGrid with an ExtendedDataGrid.

All the three ways are shown in the included examples. Samples I have put much effort in supplying good samples in the downloads.

IGridFilter This is the basic interface describing how a column can be filtered. I have provided the following implementations of the IGridFilter: The filter expression I generate for the columns look like the following: EnumerationGridFilter EnumerationGridFilter is an implementation for columns containing a list of distinct values.

I have provided two default implementations: TypeEnumerationSource This implementation will get all the members of a given enumeration type and fill the ComboBox with them.

IntStringMapEnumerationSource Here, a user defined mapping between the string values which are shown in the ComboBox and the integer values contained in the data source can be defined.

EmptyGridFilter This one is just a dummy implementation to allow switching off the filter functionality for certain columns.

IGridFilterFactory implementations Three implementations of this interface are provided within this component all are located in the GridExtensions.

The included implementations are: The creation process consists of these steps: If the column data type is an enumeration and HandleEnumerationTypes is set to true , then an EnumerationGridFilter is created.

If CreateDistinctGridFilters is set to true , then it is analyzed if the column contains less or equal distinct values than specified by MaximumDistinctValues.

If yes, then a DistinctValuesGridFilter is created. If a grid filter type is specified for the data type of the column, then this one will be created.

Note that, only grid filter types which implement IGridFilter and which have an empty public constructor are allowed.

With this little example, one could switch off the filter functionality for columns of type DateTime: By default, this is the TextGridFilter.

Note that, again only grid filter types which implement IGridFilter and which have an empty public constructor are allowed.

GridFiltersControl This internal class should be of no matter to you if you are only using this library. DataGridFilterExtender Now we come to the core class of the library.

The most important properties are: DataSource This property has to be used to set the initial DataView. EmbeddedDataGrid With this property, the underlying grid can be accessed.

AutoAdjustGridPosition This property will adjust the position of the grid depending on where the filters are displayed. All other properties can be explored by yourselves.

The missing parts and known issues are: The highlighting is not yet contained. NDoc documentation is not yet contained. Changing RightToLeft while the filters are visible will result in heavy flickering.

A simple workaround is to set the DataSource in the overridden OnLoad method after the base call. So, if anyone has further suggestions, please feel free to post them here.

History March 26 th , Initial release. March 26 th , Some hours later Refactored the library so that a component can be used to easily extend the existing grids.

This will solve the problem of having to manually set the properties and bind the events in the nested DataGrid. March 31 st , - Several enhancements and fixes were made: The component can now work with normal DataGrid s.

Thus the use of the ExtendedDataGrid is no longer necessary. The only requirement is that an appropriate DataGridTableStyle must be created and added to the grid.

For this, the new helper class DataGridStyleCreator has been added. New property AutoAdjustGridPosition for automated repositioning of the grid added.

Fixed bug in the property AutoCreateTableStyle. Fixed bug when removing the DataGridExtender component from its assigned Form.

Added automated change of colors of the filter GUI when the colors of the underlying controls or the grid change. Added handling of the CaptionVisible property of the DataGrid.

This is important as a caption is needed in some display modes. Added handling of change events from the style collections to immediately reflect changes in the filter GUI.

April 9 th , - Some enhancements and fixes: Corrected some minor mistakes in my comments. Added some attributes for a bit clearer design time support.

April 11 th , - Some enhancements and fixes: Added the EnumerationGridFilter to allow user friendly filtering of columns containing enumeration types.

Fixed an error regarding criteria string building. Thanks to Juergen Posny for pointing this out. Added a ComboBox to the main form to allow the user to select what data should be presented from the Northwind database.

Also, added an enumeration type column programmatically to show the functionality of the newly added EnumerationGridFilter.

April 15 th , - Some enhancements: Added a method ClearFilters to clear all the set filters to their initial state. April 16 th , - Some enhancements and fixes: Corrected the wrong appearance of the filters when the RowHeadersVisible property of the DataGrid was set to false.

Added two properties MessageErrorMode and ConsoleErrorMode that allow configuring the kind of output that is generated when an error occurs in the built filter criteria.

May 14 th , - Some fixes: Corrected some bad behaviour when using AutoAdjustGridPosition with anchored grids, which could screw up the designer in certain situations.

Corrected a special situation where a wrong filter criteria was created. October 3 rd , - Some enhancements and fixes: Corrected typo of several ScrollBar properties.

Thanks to Goyuix for pointing this out. Changed the EnumerationGridFilter so that it is easier to build customized value list filters.

This is based on a request made by Thomas-H. Added the GridFilterCreated event to the IGridFilterFactory class to allow easy modifications to the filter behaviour of single classes mainly needed for the new functionality in EnumerationGridFilter.

Created a new startup form from where one can start three demo forms showing most of the functionality of this component.

Minor corrections of code formatting. November 19 th , - Some enhancements and fixes: Added strict usage of [] around the column names in the filter building process.

This should eliminate issues regarding extravagant column names. I made this based on a request from Ken Dreyer. To make the last point easier to implement, I changed the whole logic of building filters by using string.

Format and regular expressions, which should make the whole process a bit cleaner. Added an event FilterChanged so that one can get a notification whenever the filter criterion is changed by the extender not the DataView itself.

December 7 th , - Version 2. From now on I will try incrementing the version with every bug fix or enhancement. Changed the CreateGridFilter function of the IGridFilterFactory to allow easier customization of the filter creation process sorry for any broken custom implementations.

Filter controls are now allowed to be placed outside of the grid and are independent of the created IGridFilter s.

This is used by the new IGridFilterFactory implementations like the FullTextSearchGridFilterFactory based on a request from Carlso and generally gives a huge bunch of new possibilities for customization.

For very large tables this property can be set to false after which the view will not get updated with every change to the filter controls until RefreshFilters is called or AutoRefresh is set to true again.

Added some more support and descriptions for the designer. Included compiled help file in the downloads. An NDoc project file is also included containing the settings to build the help file as well as a HTML documentation which is not included in the downloads.

Several minor bug fixes and refactorings. January 14 th , - Version 2. Added a new property GridMode which controls whether the grid is filtered or matching rows just get highlighted.

This is based on a request from Muhammad Waqas Butt. To achieve the highlighting I added the new class DataFilter which wraps the internal DataFilter class contained in the.

Because this class is internal I needed to build a wrapper which uses it with reflection mechanisms. Corrected LeftToRight behaviour which was totally screwed up.

Thanks to arashr for pointing this out. April 22 nd , - Version 2. Also added functionality to the DefaultGridFilterFactory to allow usage of this filter in standard situations.

Extended Sample1 to show the new functionalities. Wrote some more unit tests. May 7 th , - GridViewExtensions - Version 1.

Added a DataGridView version of the component, and a new section in the article shortly describing it. May 20 th , - GridViewExtensions 1.

Added support to more easily change the filter settings programmatically. This was already in my head several weeks, and because of a request from rEgEn2k, I finally implemented it.

In detail, the changes are: Public properties on all IGridFilter implementations to get and set the current settings. The returned collection class has functions to filter by type and access IGridFilter s by several means.

June 5 th , - GridViewExtensions 1. Added a new operator for date and numeric columns to filter for values in between two given values.

Many thanks to Luis Carlos Gallego on this one. He not only provided the idea but also most of the code for this. Again thanks to Luis Carlos Gallego for providing the idea and some code.

July 2 nd , - GridViewExtensions 1. Thanks for the feedback Anis, somtimes our windows isntallation could missed some files due to bad CD, shake during isntallation etc.

You want to go here: Click on the subfolder Device Installation on the left and on the right side you will see the possible restrictions.

Reboot Windows and enjoy its inability to pollute your system with its standard driver, open gpedit. U r welcome, but i also want to thank you for your effort to find the solution.

I really appreciate your feedack coz it could help others too. I managed to install the driver on the Acer TravelMate , only to go to Device Manager and disable the "display adapter" and then install the driver 6.

Hi, Saya dari Johor. Kenape bile buat part 3 cacls c: F dia kluar mcm nie: No mapping between account names and security IDs was done. Harap awk dpt membantu Is there anything I can do to ensure I have implemented your instructions correctly.

I have a Gateway M This is the best illustrated guide for the driver replacement in win7. Could the forum guide me if the same process can be successfully implemented in win 8.

I never test it yet with windows 8, maybe you can implement the same method by using the basicdisplay. Ill try to find any laptop with the and test it with windows 8, ill update as soon as possible.

I applied the same way to basicdisplay. You need to install it again, but first we need to make your computer back to the original swtate before u modified it.

It can probably be simplified! Download the zip-file mentioned above. Unzip it to a directory. In the Device Manager install the Display driver by pointing to the directory in step 2.

Windows will find new hardware the display and install its driver from step 4. The display will now or after a second restart acknowledge new display settings.

HI, This is Sanjeev, again, I am back again with very different query this time Is there any way that it can be created just like Branded laptops Sanjeev.

So lagi model gapow laptop tu? Thank you so much. Was about to give up on this old Inspiron and put XP back on it cause the graphics would only do x with Win 7.

From the pic i saw your pc already have max resolution so ignore the! Pretty much thx for u from Indonesia: D wow, u even concern bout the bluetooth, thx again dude.

The other thing that may cause this is there are too many codecs installed with different configurations. For now i suggest: Install third party aero software, for example go to www.

Right-click on any other file in the c: Go to "Security" tab. Now compare that security tab with the security tab of c: Just make sure the security tabs of those two files look the same all tabs and advanced options.

In order to add "TrustedInstaller" it is not the same as regular usernames because it is a service. Once you done editing you can delete your account from c: We took control over and the previous commands added it by default.

As the author of the original guide I would like to thank Black X on further explaining my guide. One thing I should point is to use 6.

If you have more updates just let me know and ill post it here, once again thanks a lot from me and others. Again though, thanks for such a through tutorial I really appreciate it.

This worked on my Gateway GP notebook. There are some Pic i cannot add since i dun have any model using this graphic chipset, if you notice that there are some missing pic other than u mentioned since i just add the screenshot with my desktop using ati - But if u or others here have the sreenshot, do mail me and i add it here.

To those having issues with movies on VLC players such as stuttering and lack of smooth video, try switching video output to "Direct X Direct Draw video feed" option.

My video was terrible, and I had even tried the Open GL selection suggestion as noted above by Black-x, but it was no better. Worked like a charm on an old Fujitsu LifeBook P Unfortunately didnt work for me, got up to step 8 but it said that couldnt find the correct driver for my hardware..!

I had to do a system restore to undo all the changes: Now i am stuck forever with a lousy graphic card with no driver..!!!!

My computer is an hp pavilion dv Right click on standard VGA and select update Driver. Hey Man thanks a million You just dont know how many people you have helped with this excellent post, this i what i call giving with open heart!

May God bless you in all you do! I have a problem in step 4 when i tried to open vgapnp. What am i gona do to fix it. Normally this happen when you are logging to windows with non-admin account.

Im stuck at Step You will find the exact model for V such as vTu etc. I think you need another driver version because the current driver seems not stable.

Thanks for the work around - worked excellent for me - I had to tweak a Toshiba Satellite M35x with an old Intel GME graphics chip to use Windows 7 - excellent work my friend!

The download for 6. Please give some update for windows 8. I am in deep trouble as I recently installed win 8 and it is freezing my ThinkPad R51 intermittently due to the video controller driver I guess.

So my recommendation try download this driver: R51 graphic Download link 1. Download and extract it using winrar.

Open device manager and right click on standard VGA select update driver. Select browse my computer for device driver. Click browse and point to extracted driver folder.

Thank you for your reply. I tried the steps you mentioned. But it did not update driver. It gives the following error: Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

I tried the same steps with the drivers from the above link. But the same result. However, I am relieved that though the driver is not installed, the problem of windows freezing is now solved by using the following workaround http: Thanks a lot for your help.

The freezing problem reappeared even when dynamic clock tick is disabled as suggested in the work-around.

So it seems that I must install a driver for the graphics card. Working properly, of corse without Aero suport, but is still a good fix.

I have unsuccessfully attempted this feat. I have a Toshiba Satellite r10 with this chipset. На моём ноутбуке HP nx эта система не работает..

После установки сразу пишет драйвер не установлен. Когда перезагружаю, вновь пытается установить драйвер. В диспетчере устройств вообще пропадает это устройство.

Пожалуйста помогите установить драйвер Hi Man, thanks for the guide! I have a problem at point 5. All the steps before were fine!

Now on device manager i have no "video controller" or "video controller vga compatible " or "Display adapters".. Thanks for the help!

I tried the drivers provided by asus however after reboot windows says drivers could not be installed. I aplied your solution step by step still same, except one thing: Oiginal xp driver link Extract it using winrar open device manager - right click on standard VGA - update driver - browse - click on browse and point to the extracted driver folder.

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