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Each gem level, the exile must have both the attribute corresponding to gem colour and a character level high enough to meet its increased requirements.

If a gem gains enough experience to level up, but the exile currently does not meet the requirements, the level—up icon will appear greyed out and not be useable until the requirements are met.

For specifics, see the lists of active skills and support gems below. Generally, level 20 is the maximum level a gem can get by gathering experience.

There are, however, ways to increase the level of a gem beyond Once this gem reaches level 2 or above, will raise the level of supported gems.

It does not grant a bonus to your character, but to skills in sockets connected to it. Place into an item socket connected to a socket containing the Active Skill Gem you wish to augment.

Right click to remove from a socket. By combining these three methods, the level of a skill gem can get as high as level Then, socket a corrupted level 21 Elemental Hit gem in that Frostferno.

This is now a level 29 Elemental Hit. Corrupted items cannot be modified again. Shift click to unstack. Corruption on gems can potentially lift the level or quality percentage of a gem above the maximum of Corruption can also convert a gem into its Vaal skill equivalent, if one exists.

Active skills have requirements based on each of the three main attributes , and can be easily identified by the attribute colour.

You cannot support skill with more than one copy of each support gem. If you place more than one of any support gem linked to skill gem, only top-level will work.

For more information on support gems , please refer to the full page. These skills are similar to their uncorrupted versions but have new effects that radically change their utility in combat.

Vaal skills must be charged before each use by collecting souls. Each slain enemy gives one soul to each equipped gem, similar to the flask system.

Collected souls do not transfer between zone instances - changing zones or resetting the instance will start a new soul counter, but returning to a prior instance will restore the souls you left with.

Vaal skill gems in a second weapon set do not receive souls. Vaal Skills have requirements based on each of the three main attributes , and can be easily identified by the attribute colour.

Most of the game data is live. From Path of Exile Wiki. An overview of skills. A list of active skill gems excluding vaal skills is displayed below.

You cannot animate unidentified weapons. You drop chilled ground while moving, and take less Fire and Physical damage while stationary.

These attacks have a small randomised spread. Only works with Bows and Wands. After the immobilise expires, a debuff remains on the enemy for a duration, lowering their movement speed by an amount which lessens over time.

The affected enemy will take increased damage from traps and mines until the debuff expires. The damage is continually boosted while channelling.

You unleash an additional strike for each stage reached once the channelling ends. As more blades are added, the damage becomes greater and more frequent.

Enemies can be hit multiple times where these overlap. The explosions will always overlap on the targeted area. When the arrow lands, you are teleported to it and a clone is summoned at your old location.

The clone is a minion that uses your bow and quiver. Killing an enemy while this buff is active refreshes the buff duration, and can grant a Frenzy Charge.

Enemies standing on the caustic ground take chaos damage over time. You gain stages while it moves, until it stops at a maximum total distance.

Waves of area damage frequently pulse along its path, based on your attack speed. Stop channelling to teleport to the illusion, dealing a final wave of damage.

The explosion of the corpse is not affected by modifiers to spell damage, and cannot be reflected. Cannot be supported by Ruthless or Multistrike.

The corpses will be chosen from the monsters in the current area and any Spectres that have existed in this instance. The explosion is not affected by modifiers to spell damage and cannot be reflected.

Does not work with wands. If the attack hits an enemy, it will also deal damage in an area around them, with the radius being larger if that enemy is suffering from an ailment of the chosen element.

It will avoid choosing the same element twice in a row. Applying additional arrows to an enemy extends the duration. When the target dies or the fuses expire, the arrows explode, dealing fire AoE damage to nearby enemies.

The AoE radius is proportional to the number of arrows upon death. A number of smaller explosions occur around this area in quick succession after the first.

The flames last for a duration, rotating around the trap and repeatedly dealing damage. Burning enemies are dealt more damage. If no specific monster is chosen, one is picked at random.

The cooldown can be bypassed by expending a Frenzy Charge. Frenzy charges increase your attack speed. Requires a Melee Weapon. When you poison an enemy while you have this buff, you gain Virulence, and summon an Agony Crawler minion that uses projectile and area attacks.

You will lose Virulence over time, at a rate which increases the more Virulence you have. The minion will die when you have no Virulence. If you shatter an enemy, they explode and deal AoE cold damage to enemies near them.

The AoE cold damage inflicted by this skill is not affected by modifiers to spell damage. Creates a patch of ground ice under the target.

Enemies in the middle of the slashes can be hit by both. If you are dual wielding, you attack with your Main Hand, then your Off Hand. Can be used with Axes and Swords.

Additional projectiles appear nearby as smaller metal shards that fly forward after a short delay. In addition to converting some of your physical damage to lightning damage, the stored energy is released from the weapon as projectiles as you strike, flying out behind your target to hit farther-away enemies.

The projectiles cannot miss if the melee attack hit its target. When the arrow lands, a clone is summoned. Performing any skill replaces this buff with one that boosts melee damage of skills you use yourself it will not apply to your melee skills used by totems.

Consumes Frenzy Charges to increase duration. Hitting the cursed targets will grant life and mana, and killing them will result in more flask charges and a chance to gain a frenzy charge.

Cursed enemies have a 0. Cursed enemies take 0. Puncture works with bows, daggers, claws or swords. Each arrow deals damage in an area around it.

Half of the arrows will land directly on targets if there are targets in their range. Each Reave that hits an enemy increases the area of effect.

The area is reset after a short period without hitting anything. Release to fire this piercing arrow, which leaves spore pods in its wake. Each spore pod blooms, firing a nova of thorn arrows.

Modifiers that cause additional projectiles to be fired will only apply to the initial arrows, and the spore pods will be split between those arrows.

Each wave deals damage in a series of small bursts in a line, ending with a larger burst. Modifiers to cast speed affects how frequently it releases waves.

The projectiles shatter when colliding with an enemy or travelling a short distance. The shattered pieces deal damage in an area in front of the impact location.

Arrows are fired with such force that they create a burst of lightning, damaging all enemies in a cone in front of the archer. It attacks slowly, but deals increased damage.

It covers both your escape and arrival with a cloud of smoke that blinds enemies, and gives you a temporary buff to movement speed.

When it collides with something it will shatter, launching a number of smaller shards as projectiles in all directions.

Modifiers that cause additional projectiles to be fired will add more shards, not more copies of the shield. It flies out and then returns to you, in a spinning attack that strikes enemies in its path.

The Ice Golem can use an icy barrage spell and a chilling spinning dash in addition to its melee attack. Cursed Enemies have 0.

It will then fire projectiles out in all directions from that point. Each spore pod deals chaos damage over time to nearby enemies and slows their movement speed.

The pods last for a duration before bursting, dealing area damage. Requires a claw, dagger or sword. Only works with daggers, claws and one handed swords.

Cannot be supported by Multistrike. Then, depending on the element chosen, it releases a fiery explosion, an arcing bolt of lightning, or an icy wave.

The Hinder effect is proportional to the number of surrounding enemies. Taunts all nearby enemies to attack the user.

Shares a cooldown with other Warcry skills. Being near it grants you more attack speed. Being near it grants you more melee damage.

Animating multiple items attaches them to the same Guardian. You cannot animate unidentified items. Also does damage to other nearby monsters. Only works with Axes and Swords.

If you are hurt, it will destroy a corpse to leech life to you. Gain stages by impaling enemies while carrying the banner. Casting the skill again places the banner, ending the mana reservation.

Once placed, it becomes more powerful for each stage gained. You cannot have multiple banners at the same time. The crack will erupt in a powerful aftershock after a short duration.

Earthquakes created before the first one has erupted will not generate their own aftershocks. If the enemy is frozen and is on less than one third life, they will shatter when hit by Glacial Hammer.

Requires a Mace or Staff. The wave deals more damage to closer enemies. While you have this buff, if you kill an enemy, other enemies near them will be burned based on the overkill damage.

The burn inflicted by this skill can only be affected by modifiers to damage over time burning damage is damage over time.

When you kill an enemy while you have this buff, this skill will summon a Sentinel of Purity, or refresh the duration and life of an existing one instead if you have the maximum number of them.

The Sentinels of Purity have a single-target melee attack and an area melee attack. Enemies take slightly less damage on the second and third stage.

Enemies with either debuff explode when they die, damaging other nearby enemies. Damage from this explosion cannot be reflected. Enemies you would land on are pushed out of the way.

Requires an axe, mace, sword or staff. If cumulative physical damage prevented by your blocking or armour reaches a threshold, the shields explode outwards, dealing fire damage to surrounding enemies.

These will explode, causing AoE attack damage to enemies where they land. The buff grants more Melee Damage and increased Attack Speed.

Cursed enemies grant 0. The damage increase is proportional to the number of surrounding enemies. Enemies near either end of a beam also suffer burning damage.

You deal damage in a larger area when you reach the target. The further you travel, the more damage you deal, and the greater your chance of stunning enemies.

If the melee attack hits its target, that enemy cannot also be hit by the area damage. If this skill hits an enemy, you gain an aura buff, granting you and your allies additional lightning damage for a duration.

You can stack the buff up to three times, each increasing the frequency with which the beams strike. The Flame Golem can use a fire spray, a wave of fire damage, and an explosive arcing projectile.

In addition to its melee attack, the Stone Golem uses a rolling charge and a powerful slam that can taunt enemies. Enemies hit by the wave will release a circular shockwave, dealing damage to other enemies around them.

Can consume an Endurance Charge to perform a Charged Slam, covering a greater area with more branching fissures. Skills can often be divided into domain -general and domain-specific skills.

For example, in the domain of work, some general skills would include time management , teamwork and leadership, self-motivation and others, whereas domain-specific skills would be used only for a certain job.

Skill usually requires certain environmental stimuli and situations to assess the level of skill being shown and used. People need a broad range of skills to contribute to a modern economy.

Department of Labor study showed that through technology, the workplace is changing, and identified 16 basic skills that employees must have to be able to change with it.

Hard skills, also called technical skills, are any skills relating to a specific task or situation. It involves both understanding and proficiency in such specific activity that involves methods, processes, procedures, or techniques.

Skilled workers have long had historical import see Division of labor as electricians , masons , carpenters , blacksmiths , bakers , brewers , coopers , printers and other occupations that are economically productive.

Skilled workers were often politically active through their craft guilds. According to the Portland Business Journal , people skills are described as: A British definition is "the ability to communicate effectively with people in a friendly way, especially in business.

The term people skills is used to include both psychological skills and social skills but is less inclusive than life skills.

Social skill is any skill facilitating interaction and communication with others. Social rules and relations are created, communicated, and changed in verbal and nonverbal ways.

The process of learning such skills is called socialization. Soft skills are a combination of interpersonal people skills, social skills, communication skills, character traits, attitudes, career attributes and emotional intelligence quotient EQ among others.

Skills can be categorized based on the level of expertise and motivation. The highest level of engagement corresponds to the craftsman.

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